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We have a fabulous Wedding Team that will assist you every step of the way, from initial contact to the end of your Wedding Day. Our goal is give you a unique wedding experience that fits your personality and style and that also fits within your budget!

Heart & Soul Unions specializes in providing personalized, professional, and friendly service so you can totally enjoy your Wedding Day without a single worry. We work directly with each couple to personalize and customize their ceremony to fit their vision. No two weddings with Heart & Soul Unions are alike. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for in our packages, we can customize your ideal Wedding and Reception Package! Contact us.

Heart & Soul Unions – Staff Biographies

Linda Mason of Heart and Soul Unions Wedding Planners St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Linda Mason
"Love is never wasted." This business started as a dream in 2007 when I was still living on Lake Michigan. I had a vision... I was Sales Director at a family-owned property that did events and weddings, and in my 50s I decided that I wanted to create a new life for myself in the Virgin Islands. I moved to St. Thomas in 2009 to make my dream a reality. I started Heart & Soul Unions in 2012. My goal was to do weddings that were unusual and unique to the couple themselves, based on their own style and personality. No cookie cutter, one size fits all programs. This year I am expanding my business to include other venues in the Virgin Islands to give my clients more options than ever before. What makes HSU different is our ability to be calm, reassuring, attentive, easy to work with, professional, and kind. I have created a dream team of coordinators and assistants that deliver my philosophy and work ethic to every bride and groom that we work with.
Heart and Soul Unions Wedding Planners in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands
Juliet Roberts
Juliet Roberts, our HSU minister, has been officiating weddings on St. Thomas and elsewhere since 2005. She was originally drawn to the work by a dear friend who was starting a wedding planning business and asked her to officiant and "bring the love." A wedding with Juliet is intensely personal and filled with love. Her easy-going nature connects with people instantly, and during the ceremony she has a commanding presence and sense of purpose that creates a focused, special atmosphere. Her unique gifts make her an invaluable part of the HSU team. When not performing weddings, Juliet is a creative entrepreneur who has owned and operated her own spa on St. Thomas for 3 years.
Heart and Soul Unions Wedding Planners in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

Christa DeCicco
Christa DeCicco, originally from Knoxville, TN, started coming to the US Virgin Islands in 2010 as a professional touring jazz musician. She quickly fell in love with the Caribbean island lifestyle, and after coming back several times with her band, permanently moved to St. Thomas in 2012. She began working with HSU in 2015 and discovered great joy in event planning and professional organizing. She brings her creative touch to everything she does. Christa continues to play music on the side and practice her degree in horticulture as a tropical orchid enthusiast.

Heart and Soul Unions Wedding Planners in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands
Lisa Bredahl
Originally from Michigan, Lisa Bredahl owned and operated her own Dance and Music School for 19 years before relocating to St. Thomas in May 2016, where she has been working with HSU since she first arrived. She has been a professional dance instructor since 1985 and currently teaches ballet, tap dancing, hip hop, and jazz. She also choreographs unique first dances/wedding dances so couples can twirl and dip with confidence. Lisa’s daughter lived in St. Thomas for several years, and visiting her on vacation is how Lisa originally came to the Caribbean. She is a lover of warmth and beauty, so the island lifestyle agrees with her nature and she is happy to be living life in the Virgin Islands.
Heart and Soul Unions Wedding Planners in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands
Giselle Lake
Giselle is our local and religious ceremony specialist and was born and raised in St. Thomas. She has been assisting with Heart and Soul Unions for four years. Her background in graphic design gives her a unique artistic element that she brings to every wedding she does.





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